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PrankvsPrank is a popular YouTube channel. It consists of Jesse Wellens and Jennifer Smith aka "Jeana" who live together at 1822 The Woods II, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA. They are an unmarried couple who constantly play pranks on each other, sometimes physical, other times manipulating.

The channel also contains pranks played on other people or just special appearance by people such as DashieXP, Jimmy, Jason (Jeana's brother) and Jeana's father. An example of the more physical pranks would be Jeana's assult of Jesse in the shower with a paintball gun, while Jesse has made spagetti with edible grassphoppers in meatballs. Two examples of manipulating pranks are when Jeana told Jesse she was pregnant and even after she confessed, Jesse explains how he was actually excited; the other example was when Jeana dips Jesse's tooth brush in the toilet causing him to punch the door in anger, but then he remained calm after being told that she swapped the toothbrush head to make it look like she cleaned the toilet bowl with the toothbrush.

Jesse served in the Air Force for 6 years (as said in BFvsGF vlog channel) and he met Jeana on leave between Kuwait and Germany. Jesse has made it clear that he has never shot anyone though he has had the chance to when someone drove their car into an Air Force runway (Mentioned in DownRangeGaming gaming channel).

Jesse is supposedly 29 (actually 31). Jesse's reactions to pranks are usually laughter or anger. Jenn's occupation has never been clear but there is a rumor that she is a nurse, which may be false, as it seems she goes to work two times a week. It is unclear how old she is or what her second name is but in one of the vlogs she is seen graduating from some kind of school. Jeana has a blatant phobia of bugs. Her reactions to pranks are usually screaming, or anger.

In September 2011, Jesse announced that they will be getting a cat "but not just any cat" a savannah cat. In November they received an F5 Savannah kitten they named Nylah. Nylah is a playful cat, unlike others, she is very fast, she can jump very high and she will occasionally meow when Jesse tells her to. She can also play fetch. Savannah cat trait). Jesse and Jenn now also have a cat named Bambu, but Jesse has various nicknames for it including: Bam Bam and Bambino

As of November 2012, the Prank vs Prank channel has over 1.2 million subscribers, since their start on November 9th 2012. The BFvsGF channel (their vlog channel) has almost 900,000 subscribers. Also on February 15 Jesse announced that they are going to a haunted attraction.

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